When 15 years ago Irene chose to craft her career as Innovation Specialist, she had the unique chance to specialize in two emerging strategic approaches to manage disruptive change: Open Innovation and Design Thinking. In 2011 she founded The Doers and dedicated herself to startup entrepreneurs and their breakthrough projects. Her aim is to empower entrepreneurs by putting in their hands the ability to control risks, taking advantage of a user-centered and evidence-based process: this way they can effectively turn the learning they get from the market into a competitive, rock-solid advantage for their venture.

After a degree in Aerospace Engineering Enrico has pursued a career in strategic consulting and managed innovative projects in various sectors, such as utilities, automotive, telecommunications, civil Aviation, military aviation. He holds an MBA from ESCP Europe in Paris and a PhD in Economics. He is now Affiliate Professor at ESCP Europe, Innovation Manager at HumanPlus Research Foundation and collaborates with the Politecnico of Turin, chambers of commerce and other institutions related to innovation. Passioned about the analysis and evaluation of innovative business models, he has joined groups of investors and venture capitalists as a business angel and participates as a juror for start up competitions.

Marco has been CEO or Managing Director of several internet/digital companies over the years, working on finance, e-business, business modeling, fundraising for innovative projects. His book “Come si fa a promuovere con Google” (“How to promote your business on Google”) was in IT top 10 of for over 6 months. He was the co-founder and CEO of Nomesia (part of Kerios Group) providing lead generation services to businesses using digital platforms. Nomesia got funded by a group of business angels of the IAG network in 2011. He was also one of the founding Partners of the Kerios Group, a privately owned holding in internet and technology.

Alberto has more than 14 years of experience as Strategy Manager and CEO of internet firms. He has worked/financed as business angel in several internet companies (digital strategy, Internet of Things, additive manufacturing, gaming, crowdfunding) and coordinated more than 80 university thesis. He has published the books “E-commerce in Cina. Come vendere online il Made In Italy” and “Crowdfunding – Dai sogni ai soldi”. He is speaker in digital events and teacher in business schools on digital themes; the game companies where he is business angel launched KickStarter campaigns with pledges of several $ millions.

Cosimo has been working as entrepreneur, manager and business developer in very small and large companies, for years. He used to believe that entrepreneurship was mainly a matter of experience, until he tapped into the works of Steve Blank, Eric Ries, Ash Maurya, Croll & Yoskovits, Gothelf & Seiden, and all the interpreters of the Lean Startup Movement: they were combining data and experiences into a solid entrepreneurial method, which can be conducted with a rigorous experimental approach, with the ultimate aim of giving birth and wealth to a new generation of enterprises, services, communities. Since then, within The Doers, he eagerly works with startuppers, entrepreneurs and product managers to turn their ventures into disciplined entrepreneurial experiments and make them grow in a fair, steerable and successful way.